$1000 PAYDAY

$1000 PAYDAY

You don’t have to work too hard for this money!

If you can send a text, you have a chance to win $1,000 with the $1,000 PAYDAY contest on Jammin’ 98.3!

It’s SO easy!  Just do this:
• Listen weekdays from March 31 – April 25 at Noon & 3pm
• You’ll hear a keyword
• When you do, text it to 77000 by 10 minutes after the hour
• If you receive a phone call, answer for your $1,000!

Don’t miss out on an EASY way to win $1,000!


Brought to you by Sophisticated Man, a male clothing boutique celebrating 40 years!

Want to receive a reminder text just before it’s time to play? Text MKE to 77000 to be added to the $1,000 PAYDAY Reminder Club.


Congrats to the winners so far…
Stephanie Sigmon
Tracy McGee
Dana Hanson
Don Stuart
Angela Miller
Amanda Hinton
Dera Hunter
Mark Kratochvil
Emily Schuman
Kyle Bridges
Jacklyn Garvey
Danielle Beamon
Warren Kirby
Leslie Komulainen
Patricia Richardson
Brenda Freitas
Mildred Chapman
Fred Rewis
Stephanie Atkins
Judy Fetterly
Eleanor Ishmael
Diane White
Angela Jackson
Jared Bartling
Jessie Morand
Beverly Robison
Teresa Ramos
Lauren Moslander
Dawn McAdow
Joseph Errico
Deborah Johnson
Heather Dillingham
Tabitha Mash
Brenda Reeves
Jeana Mills
Jeff Donnell
Hilary Tate
Steven Doherty
Mike Harris
David Gromley


All $1000 PAYDAY rules and WJMR General Contest Rules apply.

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