$1000 PAYDAY

$1000 PAYDAY

You don’t have to work too hard for this money!

If you can send a text, you have a chance to win $1,000 with the $1,000 PAYDAY contest on Jammin’ 98.3!

It’s SO easy!  Just do this:
• Listen weekdays from Mon, Sept 15 – Fri, Oct 10 at Noon & 3pm
• You’ll hear a keyword
• When you do, text it to 77000 by 10 minutes after the hour
• If you receive a phone call, answer for your $1,000!

On October 10th one lucky listener will win a $5,000 Cash Grand Prize AND a $5,000 donation to the non-profit charity of their choice! (only open to members of the text club, so be sure you join by texting VIP to 77000)


Brought to you by Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus


Want to receive a reminder text just before it’s time to play? Text MKE to 77000 to be added to the $1,000 PAYDAY Reminder Club.

Congrats to the $1,000 winners so far…
Jennifer Straw
Donna Garnham
Toni Martin
Theresa Elmer
Diana Holden
Marisa Gerdes
Denise Mitchell
Douglas Wuellner
Jimmy Jackson
Michael Terrell

All $1000 PAYDAY rules and WJMR General Contest Rules apply.

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